Tuesday, 3 January 2012

1st day of interns - Eastin Hotel

After nervous for whole night , I slept at 2a.m. and woke on 6am because of preparing my outfits for the interns ~ Seeing the day from dark to bright , heard the chicken calling other ppl to work ~

After prepared everything , it should be around 8.15 a.m , i went out from my lovely house T.T . I cant actually get used of woke up so early ... i wonders can i actually get used with this routine everyday as for the duration of 10weeks.

8.30a.m. sharp i reached Eastin Hotel --- the place where i went to interns. Me and my course mate, named Tan Chin Giap went to the security to check in , as we are the new comers of this hotel, so there is a lot of procedure we need to done before goes to our office. The old female security that served us was very kind ~ i love her so much , we talks a lot while waiting the HR person to lead us to their room ~ After we went in the HR room ~ they gave us employee form to fills up , then they gave us a name tag and a pair of spoon and folk ...
Then , we were lead the way by the HR person to our office ~ When i just reach there ~ i was like ~ nervous till the max ~ all people look at we two, and we done our self introduction ~ the people in this department was sooo cold ... soo serious ... i can't actually get used with this environment >.<

We were doing the failing for today , so boring ... because they haven place computer to us yet , but they say soon will do that ~ cant wait for it =D

I can't take picture in the office because there is a lot of CCTV at there ... but i do take some picture at there ~ the toilet ~ was nice but it look differently ... when in these pictures , hope you don't mind ya ~ =D

Last picture on above is ki hiao so take kaki mia picture =P ~

What i actually disappointed is the canteen and the foods at there ... haiz ... not very ideal as we expected ...

6.05pm , my colleagues come told us we can leave already , and i went to Queensbay mall immediately to see dear , stalking dear ~ buying kiwi berry ~ muacks muacksss ~ soo damn missing u la wei ... and after awhile ~ i go buy a soya ice cream before walks back to my house ...
T.T Forever alone ....
Hehe but in conclusion ~ im soo tired ~~ >.< and this last picture is for dear to see me ki hiao face =D
I miss u T.T ~

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Friends, is it very important to us? Can we live without any friends, a world without friendship?

Yes !! ~Friends is very important to us !!~

Friendship is listed as one of the basic human need. Without friends, life wont be perfect as we human desire…

Friends give us the feeling of warm,

The place where we can shares our “heart problem”

The place where we can share our happiness

Give helps when we having any obstacle or problems

Drag us out of the world of being alone and cold

Without friends , Life wont be perfect as us desired !! ~ so do appreciate your friends if you already found one ~

But join wrong type of friends, will bring us disaster and sorrow, so be careful with that when choosing the right friends ….

Monday, 19 July 2010


Normally we just think about love, money and friendship but in fact we already ignoring the most important thing that is our “Parents”. “Parents” actually is the dearest person to us. They exist since when we are born, the people that drag our hand into the world to have a life. Provides us the basic knowledge of life, place to live of, foods, drinks and also clothes. Why they want to give us such a good services? Everyday working hard just wants to let us having a better life but why they want to do so?! The answer is we are their children, son or daughter. And only us can make their family to reach perfection. Maybe we can use this right as a threat to get what we desire to. But did we ever think that if one day we also become a father or mother of some children and if they repay us just like what we have done to our parent? The ending will just make us sad ...

So we must be grateful to God that gives us the most valuable present that is …. “Our Parents”


Many people thought that love is everything for them, they even put away their property, their own time and Parents just to enjoy their “love”. But actually did those people ever think that what they have sacrifice is worth for? Yes I admit it. Sometime “Love” can make us feel very warm and happy, but if in negative way? “Love” has make a lot of people sad and disappointed and many people even ended their life from continue suffering … actually that not worth at all …

But if now you already got a lover, just continue love her or him and enjoy your happiness with them but if you just end up a relationship or even single, just spend your time on your future and parent

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Choices occurs when a person is desire for something, to fulfill their own satisfaction

Some Choices need us to let go something that is very important to get a better satisfaction.

Perhaps is



or Relationship.

Sometime choices make us feels very happy, but if it is negative way, it may cause us regret for our entire life making us feel very uncomfortable with it.

So if we got a chance to make a choice, take our time to choose it , don’t rush when making choices